CORIOLANUS (Ralph Fiennes, 2011)


I admit that I haven’t read the play that this movie’s adapted from. After watching this, I guess I’ll never get myself to read it.

The film is set in the modern times with characters speaking like they’re in a theater (yes, they talk in Shakespearean verses) and I don’t really get the point of this combination. It’s just hard to hear people talk like that unless they’re wearing tights or balloon skirts. I had more fun counting the people walking out of the cinema.

The best things about this film are the actors and their performances. Ralph Fiennes will forever be Voldemort to me and he didn’t disappoint here. The stand-out though was Vanessa Redgrave who gave a chilling performance as the ferocious mother (reminding me of Jacki Weaver in Animal Kingdom). Brian Cox and Jessica Chastain round up the strong supporting cast. And then there’s Gerald Butler, looking lost in all the dialogue, ready to declare war on his agent.

Rating: 2/5


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