HAUNTED MANSION (Jun Lana, 2015)

My notes on Haunted Mansion: 1. I could have easily written the first fifteen minutes of this movie. It involved a kid searching a (spoiler alert!!) haunted mansion saying different variations of the word “mom”. “Mom? Mom? Mooom? Mom! Mom!! Mooommm!! Mom, mom, mom!!” Instead a mumu appeared and ate him. 2. The best friend […]

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#WALANGFOREVER (Dan Villegas, 2015)

SPOILER ALERT!! My notes on #WalangForever: 1. Remember how almost everything in One More Chance felt familiar because anybody in a current or previous relationship could relate to at least one of the things happening between Basha and Popoy? It was the exact same feeling I had while watching this film. All of the scenes […]

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HONOR THY FATHER (Erik Matti, 2015)

My notes on Honor Thy Father: 1. Two of the best films I’ve seen this year started with a scene involving a stray dog and both ended with a tragedy. These canine metaphors (dog-eat-dog world? Oppression? Survival? Resiliency?) completely served their purpose and were the perfect jumping-off points for these gritty and brutal portraits of […]

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