100 (Chris Martinez, 2008)

SPOILER ALERT!! My notes on 100: 1. If you only had a hundred days left to live, what one hundred things would you do with your limited time? Scary thought for sure, but something that most of us had probably imagined. 2. Upon diagnosis of a terminal case of lymphoma, Joyce de Leon (played by […]

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THE BIG SHORT (Adam McKay, 2015)

My notes on The Big Short: 1. The words Finance, Housing Market, and Wall Street automatically send a signal to my brain to shut down and prevent any possible aneurysm. Sure, I love the smell of money, but anything numbers-related immediately puts me to sleep. The only knowledge I have about the stock market is […]

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MACBETH (Justin Kurzel, 2015)

My notes on Macbeth: 1. The opening scene with the dead Macbaby perfectly set the somber tone of this adaptation. I can barely remember reading the source (maybe I even just read the Cliff’s Notes version) but I don’t recall an actual baby in the play. I even thought that Lady Macbeth went mad from […]

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THE 5TH WAVE (J Blakeson, 2016)

  SPOILER ALERT!! My notes on The 5th Wave: 1. Why are aliens always portrayed as dimwits in alien invasion movies? For a supposedly more advanced species that can create a now identified flying object, they don’t seem to have any good battle strategy and always lose in the end. I guess they have never […]

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