LOVE ME TOMORROW (Gino Santos, 2016)

SPOILER ALERT!! My notes on Love Me Tomorrow: 1. Dawn Zulueta would always be one of the loveliest faces in Philippine showbiz (Fountain of Youth? Renew Placenta Soap? Tell us your secret!) so it was hard to stomach that her pairing with Piolo Pascual was considered a May-December love affair. Seriously, in what universe would […]

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MY CANDIDATE (Quark Henares, 2016)

My notes on My Candidate: 1. This would have made an effective Perception vs. Reality meme, a political rom-com that perceived itself to be incredibly hilarious but in reality barely mustered any laughs from its duped audience. Its strained humor was corny to say the least and lost all the welcome whimsy that director Quark […]

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THIS TIME (Nuel Naval, 2016)

My notes on This Time: 1. I could easily relate to Ava’s (Nadine Lustre) hate for summer. It was bad enough that the six-pack abs that I wished for last Christmas did not magically show up this month in time for Laboracay (I hate you Santa!), this was also my dreaded season of extreme sunshine […]

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