CAMP SAWI (Irene Villamor, 2016)

SPOILER ALERT!! (Watch the movie before reading this and then let’s discuss. Enjoy it first. Go!) My notes on Camp Sawi: 1. If I were to create a custom pain scale (you know, the one that doctors used to determine how unbearable your gastritis was even if you were already as pale as Edward Cullen), […]

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Cinemalaya 2016 Scorecard

After a one year hiatus for feature length films (with only shorts shown last year), expectations (mine, especially) were really high for this year’s Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival. Its theme of “Break the Surface” and hilariously brutal ad (“Gusto mo ba ng iba?”) further added to the hype and excitement. I was happy that several […]

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SUICIDE SQUAD (David Ayer, 2016)

SPOILER ALERT!! My notes on Suicide Squad: 1. I honestly couldn’t care less about the whole Marvel v DC discussion (I would have to leave that up to the expert rabid fanboys) and with all the early (brutal) reviews that came out, I was prepared to see the worst film of the year (which according […]

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