MY LETTERS TO HAPPY (Pertee Briñas, 2019)



‪Maganda yung intent ng film to portray characters with serious mental health concerns pero medyo na-romanticize ang problem to the point of being cutesy love-is-the-cure ala Last Night. I wanted to see sana the darker side of bipolar disorder and depression and how they affected adult relationships, but the movie barely scratched the surface.‬

‪Sayang kasi the two leads (Glaiza de Castro and TJ Trinidad) were competent enough to take the issue further and tackle it with more depth.‬

‪I also wasn’t a fan of that shaky cam style (chosen to reflect the characters’ troubled lives and psyches?). Ang sakit sa ulo huhu.‬

‪The sublime Shamaine Buencamino showed up in one powerful scene, summed up the entire experience, and delivered the feels that I was looking for. When she mentioned how much her condition was affecting her mother and that she knew she had to get better, I really felt that.

Medyo bad taste lang ang ending for me. A troubled girl’s mental health issues was used for a man’s self-discovery? Tapos wala na follow through kay Happy? Yikes!!

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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