MOVIE REVIEW: AMOR Y MUERTE (Cesar Evangelista, 2013)


Alternate title: Sawa ni Apitong. Signalled the possible return of schlocky 90’s ST movies.

I’m still reeling from the amount of sex and nudity that Markki Stroemm displayed in Amor Y Muerte. Everything was just in full view. Gasp.

With all the graphic sex and nudity in this movie and it’s rated R-16, I wonder what falls under R-18. Soft core porn?

“Mahaba man ang espada ng mga Kastila, mas malakas ang sawa ng mga Pilipino.” The movie in a nutshell. I’m not kidding.

I checked my watch to see if I time travelled back to the 90’s and I was watching an ST flick. Wait, it’s our local The Piano! Eek!

A lot of people asking about Amor Y Muerte. Yes, it shows Markki’s Stroem. And yes, you might Markki over his Stroem. Ok, I ran out of puns.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

(Originally published August 6, 2013.)

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