MOVIE REVIEW: QUICK CHANGE (Eduardo Roy, Jr., 2013)


Beauty comes with a price in this fascinating (and painful) look at the lives of transgenders and the lengths they go through to transform. It’s uneven but engaging.

Loved the brilliant use of Paru-parong Bukid, giving the song a whole new meaning in relation to the characters’ metamorphosis.

I loved how the movie was scored, with its gentle music breaking the long silences. Teresa Barrozo should be a Cinemalaya fixture.

Found it odd that I was the only one that laughed when the lead said she was Dorina Pineda looking for Lavina Arguelles.

Sometimes I felt the scenes just didn’t know when to end but the way the shots were lit just supported the length. Good stuff.

It’s not for all tastes (old couple beside me were terrorized by the nudity) & was uncomfortable to watch which was all good.

Wait, I just remembered that scene in Quick Change where “Kim Chiu” gave the exact same answer of “Kim Chiu” in Super Sireyna.

Was that shot after the show? Was the movie being prescient or was it just a standard answer in gay beauty pageants?

Rating: ★★★★☆

(Originally published August 6, 2013.)

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