THE LEGO MOVIE (Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, 2014)


My notes on The Lego Movie:

1. I just watched the first great movie of 2014. It’s called the The Lego Movie and it was loads of fun. Watch it later and bring your kids.

2. Fun and clever cartoon that didn’t pander to kids. Bring on the nostalgia! It was soooo good! Everything was awesome!!

3. The best thing was that it was a well-thought out concept and not just a movie capitalizing on the cuteness of a toy property.

4. The movie’s theme was in line with how you play the toy relying on creativity and the pure power of a kid’s (or kid at heart’s) imagination.

5. Two scenes made me cry from laughter. One involved a wheel and the other a ghost. I swear I was laughing minutes after the jokes ended.

6. Batman for Best Supporting Actor please!!

7. Is there a theater showing this in 3D? I want to watch it again!!

Rating: ★★★★★

(Originally published February 9, 2014.)


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