MOVIE REVIEW: LADYFISH (Jason Orfalas, 2017)


Painfully unfunny, very much like its nth iteration of a local barangay gay beauty pageant. It didn’t feel like a complete movie at all, just some stitched-up random moments that tried really hard to create humor out of supposedly silly stuff.

I felt bad for Martin Escudero since he seemed to be forever typecast in the gay/trans role post-Zombadings. In one scene, he was required to act delighted while JC Santos peed on his face. Ick.

There was a hysterically wicked stab at Lav Diaz films and their endless nothingness. I wish there were more of that kind of smart humor here instead.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

(Originally published March 14, 2017.)

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