The Best of Pinoy Cinema 2017

TOP 9 FEATURE LENGTH FILMS: #9 LOVE YOU TO THE STARS AND BACK Written and directed by: Antoinette Jadaone #8 HAUNTED: A LAST VISIT TO THE RED HOUSE Written and directed by: Phyllis Grande #7 ALL OF YOU Written by: Carl Chavez, Mae Chua, and Dan Villegas Directed by: Dan Villegas #6 ANG LARAWAN Written […]

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THE GIFT (Sam Raimi, 2000)

If there was one thing that Being John Malkovich taught me, it was never to get inside other people’s crazy heads. I wouldn’t wish to be a psychic even if it could guarantee a possible win at the lotto (besides, it was mentioned here that this gift didn’t work for personal gains). It’d just be […]

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ESKAPO (Chito Roño, 1995)

Our own version of (a real-life!) Prison Break. This is the part of history that I choose to believe in and no amount of revisionism can make me think otherwise. You know you’re watching an effective thriller when you still get excited over something that 1) you’ve seen several times already, and 2) you very […]

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FRAILTY (Bill Paxton, 2001)

SPOILER ALERT!! If you were chosen by God to be His servant warrior in ridding the world of all evil, would you be willing to undertake the said task? As the rightful God’s Hand on earth, you would have the power to differentiate humans from demons (in sinful human form) just by mere touch. It […]

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THE BEGUILED (Don Siegel, 1971)

SPOILER ALERT!! How could a film made in the 70’s be more salacious than its 2017 remake? The overt scenes of sexuality here made the repressed women’s intentions and future decisions more understandable. There were also key elements (incest, latent pedophilia, extreme violence, slavery) that worked really well with the overall story and milieu. Geraldine […]

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