BOOK REVIEW: YUP, I AM THAT GIRL (Maine Mendoza, 2017)


“Twenty years from now, people might not give a shit about me anymore. But still, I want to see if any of what I have written here came to life. I want to see if the things I wanted when I was 22 are still the things I want when I reach 42.”

Refreshingly honest and quirky, like listening to one of your close friends tell some of her funny life stories. I just wish there were more of the personal anecdotes (like the hilarious egg story with the fussy Mexican lady) and less of the Cosmo-like lists and love/life advice and platitudes.

There really wasn’t much here that I haven’t read yet from other magazines. The only difference was that this was written from her perspective so even rehashed information sounded interesting because of her innate humor.

I also liked that this had a lot more content compared to the other celebrity “books” that were mostly photo albums. It was also unfiltered as promised and surprisingly free of the usual gimmicks (not a single chapter was dedicated to Alden, whee!).

It ended on a sour note though with a closing chapter that had most of her sponsors comparing her to their products. Did we really need to know how she’s very much like Rejoice, Zonrox, and Funtastyk Pork Tocino? Eek!

Rating: ★★★☆☆