It was refreshing to see an honest and fair treatment of marital infidelity (as one character revealed, it could go both ways).

Star Cinema would usually punish its female characters for being tough and powerful, but here it rewarded the lead with a strong support group of other women.

My favorite among the titas would have to be the sardonic Mabel, played to wicked perfection by Racquel Villavicencio.

Her words of encouragement to a friend abandoned by her husband: “Mel, we’re your friends. Kami na ang magbabayad ng dinner ngayon. You don’t have to share.” Very me.

Even the mistress played by Sharmaine Arnaiz was a hoot. Her suggestion: “Dapat mauso na pinapalitan ang asawa every ten years.” Spoken like a true kabit.

Rating: ★★★☆☆