MULI (Adolf Alix, Jr., 2010)

This is probably one of my least favorite Alix movies. The gay theme just seems to be out of place in the heavily political setting. It’s hard to feel for the central characters when the movie doesn’t really establish much of their love story. They just seem to be two confused people in need of […]

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IN YOUR EYES (Mac Alejandre, 2010)

The movie, the characters, and the storyline were all completely despicable. It was hard to root for anyone in this awful movie because the characters probably weren’t written to make clear judgements. Don’t get me started on the horrendous non-acting of Richard Gutierrez. Stupid decisions were made, improbable outcomes happened, and then the movie had […]

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RPG METANOIA (Luis Suarez, 2010)

RPG Metanoia had this great montage set to APO’s Bawat Bata with the kids playing piko & sipa & tumbang preso. Made me miss my childhood. The animation could have been more fluid and the kids’ voices more distinct but it’s just pure nitpicking. This Pinoy cartoon is still very impressive. Solid effort for the […]

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