My notes on the latest Joel Lamangan opus, The Bride and the Lover:

1. “I should have strangled her with my Hermes scarf. Mahal ang Hermes ha!” Oh, this is that kind of movie. Cringe.

2. Paulo Avelino’s a sensitive actor and I can just imagine him cringe-ing & thinking how badly he needed this paycheck.

3. “Furnitures”. I never thought I’d hear it in a movie.

4. Hayden Kho played a bodyguard role that didn’t require acting and he was still bad. He was better in his online movies.

5. Unintentionally funny sex scenes with “Even If” playing in the background. I can’t even.

6. Did the invitation just read “Las Pinas, Paranaque City”? They do know those are two different cities, right?

7. As expected in kabit movies, there’s a requisite catfight. This one had the women spewing “puke” and “burikak”. Eww.

8. Jennylyn Mercado to Lovi Poe: “Maitim ang singit mo!!”

Should she feel offended? Expecting pink?

Something to ponder on.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

(Originally published May 3, 2013.)

MOVIE REVIEW: COMING SOON (Martin Rey Aviles, 2013)


Half-baked barkada movie that tried to conceal its lack of plot with unlimited cameos.

It was like an unfinished college project that tried to be hip and funny, yet wasn’t really about anything. Simply horrible.

The only good thing here was Lilia Cuntapay, but I actually felt sorry for her for doing that scene. You have been warned.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

(Originally published April 24, 2013.)

MOVIE REVIEW: IT TAKES A MAN AND A WOMAN (Cathy Garcia-Molina, 2013)


Finds the perfect balance of drama & comedy making the love story more relatable.

It’s the first good film of 2013 and probably the best entry in the series. It just hit all the right emotions. The best thing about it though was that it took the love story to a whole new (and more real) level. You could see the growth in these characters. Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina knew the perfect blend of romance, humor, and sadness so it wasn’t hard not to empathize with the couple.

John Lloyd Cruz is still the best actor of this generation. He effectively conveyed a huge range of emotions through his flawed character. In the end though, this was still Sarah Geronimo’s movie. Experience had taught her well because you could actually feel her character’s heartbreak. This was her best performance to date. Her chemistry with JLC simply ignited the screen that you’d wonder why they weren’t offscreen lovers. Even the supporting cast from Joross Gamboa providing the laughs down to Isabelle Daza (surprise!) were all good. Irma Adlawan was divine.

Of course I’m watching it again this weekend. (And that ends my ITAMAAW rave for today.) Good morning!!

Rating: ★★★★☆

(Originally published April 8, 2013.)