The Best of Pinoy Cinema 2017

TOP 9 FEATURE LENGTH FILMS: #9 LOVE YOU TO THE STARS AND BACK Written and directed by: Antoinette Jadaone #8 HAUNTED: A LAST VISIT TO THE RED HOUSE Written and directed by: Phyllis Grande #7 ALL OF YOU Written by: Carl Chavez, Mae Chua, and Dan Villegas Directed by: Dan Villegas #6 ANG LARAWAN Written […]

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PAKI (Giancarlo Abrahan, 2017)

Dexter Doria would always be one of my childhood nightmares. She’d usually play the maldita stepmother, aunt, or neighbor on TV who was always ready to smack the living daylights out of a poor child that would go against her will (or break her precious Divisoria china). Her mere presence made me pee in my […]

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