Adam Devine, who had the charm of Jack Black and the obnoxiousness of Seann William Scott, was the only reason to watch this tired iteration of Groundhog Day.

Now where could I find that mystical photo booth to get back the 97 minutes that I just wasted?

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

(Originally published June 10, 2018.)

MOVIE REVIEW: THE DUFF (Ari Sandel, 2015)



My notes on The DUFF:

1. According to the movie, the DUFF is the Designated Ugly Fat Friend: the nice, approachable, unsightly one that people exploit to meet the pretty ones in the group and that if you don’t know the DUFF of the group, then it’s most probably you. I honestly can’t relate because all of my friends are gorgeous. Oh wait, does that make me the DUFF? But I’m not fat!

2. If you’re a fan of every teen movie from John Hughes to Olive Penderghast, you’ll find this very derivative and familiar. It doesn’t mean it’s not as funny, though.

3. Bianca (Mae Whitman) was so far from being ugly or fat. She was a classic case of a Rachel Leigh Cook ugly duckling character that only needed a wardrobe makeover. Besides, if she were really that horrible-looking, why would her attractive and popular friends want to be associated with her Juno Garofalo?

4. Ken Jeong was funny in some of the Hangover movies. He was just extremely annoying here.

5. Can we officially retire Boom Clap now please? The Fault in our Stars officially owns that song.

6. Was I the only one bothered when Robbie Amell (as the cute jock) proclaimed that he watches a lot of Project Runway and he was in charge of the makeover montage? And speaking of Amell, I suddenly missed his dimwit character in 1600 Penn.

7. Allison Janney was simply wonderful. Please watch Mom.

8. That short gag about Bianca playing Bosley when there were three Charlie’s Angels was a hoot.

9. I could easily relate to the scene where she stopped a make-out session to write her article. If you’re really not into it, why even bother? Let your creative juices flow instead.

10. This movie was the ultimate loser’s fantasy. Everybody would know this because there’s a loser in all of us.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

(Originally published April 27, 2015.)