PROJECT ALMANAC (Dean Israelite, 2014)



My notes on Project Almanac:

1. Did the movie really need the overused shaky cam approach? Also, shouldn’t that entirely disappear whenever they time travel?

2. My other problem with this found footage style, the batteries last forever. When they found the old videocam after 10 years, how could the batteries still be working? Apple, were you taking down notes?

3. Their initial goal for time traveling was to kill Hitler but due to limitations they ended up just trying to save the grade of one friend. Also, it took them several tries to help him, yet they didn’t want to go back several times in history to win the lottery? Really?

4. Can two me (older and younger) exist in a wormhole? What happened to the time space continuum? Also shouldn’t there be a butterfly effect? If he had to go back in time to destroy the time machine and successfully did it, then that meant there won’t be any time machine in the future that would make him go back in time to destroy the time machine? Still with me?

5. One character said, “From now on we’re filming everything.” But weren’t they from the start?

6. The references to Looper, the Terminator movies, and even TimeCop further showed that there were so many better movies out there that already covered this same theme. Next, please.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

(Originally published February 15, 2015.)