HARI NG TONDO (Carlos Siguion-Reyna, 2014)


I loved, loved, loved Carlos Siguion-Reyna’s Hari ng Tondo! The setup felt forced and it stumbled in its last act but it was a joy to watch.

Like any Bibeth Orteza screenplay, it got preachy in the end but it was still great, each scene propelling the story forward.

Robert Arevalo has the Best Actor (Director’s Showcase) award in the bag. He’s just always brilliant in the hands of Siguion-Reyna.

I hope Cris Villonco also gets recognized for her strong work. She’s gone a long way from her previous teenybopper roles.

I think I just found my favorite film in this year’s festival.

Rating: ★★★★★

(Originally published August 4, 2014.)