MOVIE REVIEW: YOUNG ADULT (Jason Reitman, 2011)


Diablo Cody’s scripts are either dead-on (Juno) or disastrous misses (Jennifer’s Body). This one seemed to fall right in between.

It was unfortunate since Charlize Theron delivered a fearless performance of a completely unlikable character. She received strong support from Patton Oswalt and the two of them made the most out of a confused black comedy.

The movie just couldn’t hit the right tone and I ended up wondering why I kept watching these characters be miserable when I have a life of my own.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

(Originally published June 6, 2012.)

MOVIE REVIEW: TULLY (Jason Reitman, 2018)



For all the mothers who have sacrificed their physical, mental, and emotional states and have given up their hopes and dreams just to raise their usually unappreciative kids.

For all the husbands who think that being a good provider is sufficient enough to fulfill their role as fathers.

For all the kids who never understood the meaning of gratitude and maternal love except during Mother’s Day.

(Sad that a fully committed Charlize Theron’s not getting much Oscar buzz for her amazing work here.)

Rating: ★★★★☆

(Originally published August 30, 2018.)