My notes on Project Almanac:

1. Did the movie really need the overused shaky cam approach? Also, shouldn’t that entirely disappear whenever they time travel?

2. My other problem with this found footage style, the batteries last forever. When they found the old videocam after 10 years, how could the batteries still be working? Apple, were you taking down notes?

3. Their initial goal for time traveling was to kill Hitler but due to limitations they ended up just trying to save the grade of one friend. Also, it took them several tries to help him, yet they didn’t want to go back several times in history to win the lottery? Really?

4. Can two me (older and younger) exist in a wormhole? What happened to the time space continuum? Also shouldn’t there be a butterfly effect? If he had to go back in time to destroy the time machine and successfully did it, then that meant there won’t be any time machine in the future that would make him go back in time to destroy the time machine? Still with me?

5. One character said, “From now on we’re filming everything.” But weren’t they from the start?

6. The references to Looper, the Terminator movies, and even TimeCop further showed that there were so many better movies out there that already covered this same theme. Next, please.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

(Originally published February 15, 2015.)

MOVIE REVIEW: 12 MONKEYS (Terry Gilliam, 1995)



Paano nga kaya kung meron somebody from the future na mag-time travel back to 2019 looking for answers kung bakit na-wipe out ang majority ng human population because of a deadly mutated virus? Siguro dapat ilista ko na ang pangalan ng mga unggoy na nagpalaganap ng anti-vaccine movement.

Bruce Willis Serious Actor >>> Bruce Willis Action Hero Slash Movie Star

And ang galing lang nung sinabi ni James Cole (Willis) yung “All I see are dead people” na very similar sa linya ni Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment) sa The Sixth Sense.

Burning questions:

1. After the chase and shootout that happened in the airport, paano pa rin nakalipad ang plane ni Dr. Peters (David Morse) who was carrying the virus?

2. Anong effect ng death ni future James sa space-time continuum (lalo na at na-witness yung event ng younger version of himself)? Also, if his death happened in the past, then part siya ng history at alam ng future scientists that sent him back to… what, fulfill his destiny? So naka-loop (ooh, another Willis film reference) lang ba ang buhay niya?

Ang sakit sa ulo huhu.

Rating: ★★★★☆




My notes on Alice Through The Looking Glass:

1. Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland was a blatant visual feast that I found lacking in story given its fantasy-adventure format. This second one by James Bobin (who also directed the fun Muppets movies) was slightly better than the first because it focused on the interesting backstories of some major characters. Although the movie still lagged in some places, it was able to capitalize on its great cast making it a more enjoyable romp.

2. I previously lamented that Johnny Depp’s zaniness had reached its limit and he needed to go back to playing (relatively) normal characters (I blame the fourth Jack Sparrow movie), but his return to the Mad Hatter role was actually quite welcome. I just couldn’t think of any other actor who could perfectly balance the man-child lunacy of the role. When the dying Hatter with all of his colors seeped out of him was lying in bed, it was hard not to get your heart crushed.

3. I had always wondered why the Red Queen (of Hearts) had such a big head that grew even bigger when she was furious and it was explained in detail here. Habang nagagalit, lalong lumalaki (insert Beavis and Butthead laugh here).

Anyway, she was my favorite character ever since. How could you not love someone who would shake a terrarium of pet ants and scream “Earthquake!!”? Besides, Helena Bonham-Carter played the role with such delicious glee (forget Amy Adams, isn’t HBC overdue for an Oscar as well?).

4. When Sasha Baron Cohen showed up as Time who was pining for the Red Queen, all I could think of were the Thenardiers and I was hoping for a Master of the House encore.

5. I loved the gorgeous costumes by Colleen Atwood from Alice’s multi-colored Mandarin-inspired gown to the Lady Gaga-ish shoulders of Time and the luscious art direction. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets recognized in both categories again next year.

6. Three important themes here: a) you can’t change the past, b) a previous lie will haunt you forever with great repercussions, c) a person with a wild imagination can get thrown in the loony bin. And you can add d) Kasalanan ito lahat ni Anne Hathaway.

7. This might be one of the few movies that properly addressed the space-time continuum that proved problematic in films like Looper. I really liked how the future started to rust when a character met her old self and messed up with time (or Time).

8. Pink’s girl power anthem played during the end credits was very fitting given the strong feminist character of Alice. Also, that tribute to the late Alan Rickman (who voiced the blue caterpillar Absolem) made me miss such a great actor. To paraphrase the Cheshire Cat, “Goodbye, sweet butterfly!”.

Rating: ★★★☆☆