MOVIE REVIEW: GATILYO (Harold Lance Pialda, 2019)


Habang pinapanood ko ‘to, sabi ko kamukha nung bida yung jowa ni Eula Valdez. Pareho kasi sila ng intensity yung konting-konti na lang magiging OA level na ala-Jake Cuenca. Tapos nung closing credits nakalagay na siya nga si Rocky Salumbides. Ganda ng rehistro niya sa screen.

Maganda naman ang mensahe ng short na ‘to tungkol sa post-traumatic stress disorder ng isang sundalong nanggaling sa digmaan. Marami pa rin kasi sa atin ang di naiintindihan ang mental and emotional toll nito sa mga tao na tulad niya.

May overall feeling ang pelikula na parang Homeland. Sana lang hindi tunog plastic yung bumagsak na baril.

Rating: ★★★☆☆




My notes on American Sniper:

1. In one powerful dinner scene, Chris Kyle’s father said that there were three types of people in the world: sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs. The sheep were peace-loving and usually prone to oppression; the wolves were violent, lacked empathy, and preyed on innocent beings; while the sheepdogs might show signs of violence but only to defend the weak and oppressed. So which one were you?

2. Bradley Cooper played Kyle, a real-life Navy Seal sharpshooter. He threw on several pounds for this role and looked really batak onscreen. He was good but maybe overpraised with an Oscar nomination.

3. I was reminded so much of the pre-Dota online community game, Counterstrike. I sucked at it while the rest were really skilled with their headshots. I could still remember my clammy hands on the keyboard, heart racing with excitement, while anticipating the opponents’ next moves. This movie offered the same kind of exhilaration and the same fear of pulling that trigger. Only this was real life with real people (some kids) involved.

4. I rarely cover my eyes when I watch a movie. Not even in horror movies. The only time I do it is when it involves needles, or an open heart surgery. I couldn’t remember how many times I had to look away while watching. The scenes with the mother and kid holding a grenade and the other kid holding a bazooka literally left me on the edge of my seat.

5. Although the effects of PTSD were understandable, I think it was tackled much better in Homeland (and yes, Damian Lewis actually gave a stronger, more nuanced performance).

6. That slo-mo bullet money shot. Wow.

7. The movie ended abruptly with just a few sentences filling in the blanks of his death. Even the closing scenes focused more on celebrating a hero and overreached in terms of sentimentality. And then I remembered that this was a Clint “Million Dollar Madison County Baby” Eastwood movie. All was forgiven.

Rating: ★★★★☆