MOVIE REVIEW: HER (Spike Jonze, 2013)



My notes on Her:

1. I really liked Her, but I still couldn’t understand all the talk on Scarlett Johannson’s snub for Best Supporting Actress. Really?

2. Joaquin Phoenix, though. He just kept giving us these brilliant performances every year that you’d begin to wonder why he didn’t have a boatload of Oscars.

3. I loved those high-waisted pants. Retro was the future of fashion. Trust Spike Jonze to mess with our heads.

4. A love letter would always be one of the sweetest forms of communication. An online love letter could suffice.

5. Who wouldn’t fall in love with Siri? She knew everything and usually followed your orders. It was destiny.

But even an iOS girlfriend might break your heart. Love sucks.

Rating: ★★★★☆

(Originally published February 28, 2014.)

AZIZ ANSARI: RIGHT NOW (Spike Jonze, 2019)


“Look, we’re all shitty people, okay? And we have our blind spots. And we become aware, and we slowly get better. We’re all on a journey. And if you’re one of these people sitting there, like, ‘I’m not shitty. I’m aware of all the marginalized groups and everything’, you’re extra shitty, okay?”

As if Master of None wasn’t proof enough that Aziz Ansari’s a comedy genius. This stand-up special served as a razor-sharp commentary on our current social climate and a deeply personal look at a “reborn” comic.

Also, The Office will never be the same again.

Rating: ★★★★☆